When you’re in the middle of planning a party, you’re probably focusing on all the things that you do want — the types of flowers, the color of your table linens, the type of cake you want guests to snack on. But what about deciding the things you don’t want? If you take the time to decide a few details you don’t want to be included in your event, you can avoid any surprises that may occur throughout the night.

Why You Need a “No” List for Your Party

For Guests

While you commonly have a pretty good handle on who shows up to your event, when it comes to plus-ones or surprise guests, you may want to add a few people to your “no” list. Not a fan of your cousin’s current girlfriend or don’t want anyone to surprise you with a visit from Uncle Jerry who always gets a little too overexcited when there’s an open bar? Make it known that those people are not welcome at your event.

For Songs

When you have a room full of people who are eager to run to the DJ with requests, you may want to add a few songs to the “no” list. If you’re hosting an elegant fundraiser, a twangy bluegrass song may not be the best background music. If your child is having a Sweet 16, letting Grandpa request a slow song from the ’40s may not go over too well with the kids.

For Food

Are you holding a corporate event with a guest list made entirely of vegetarians and vegans? Then it’s probably best to keep any meat-based items off your menu. Does someone on your guest list have a severe peanut allergy? You should put anything containing nuts or cooked in peanut oil as an important item on your “no” list.

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