A lot of people, rightfully so, spend a lot of time planning the perfect proposal for the love of their life. If you’ve decided the right time to propose falls during the colder months, there are plenty of winter proposal ideas that can help make popping the question very romantic and memorable.

Put the Ring in Plain Sight

Imagine that your honey wakes up on Christmas morning, ready to open presents, and sees the best present of all perched on top of one of the branches of your Christmas tree. You could also place the ring around a Hanukkah candle or next to some holiday cookies.

Present the Ring as a Present

If you want to create the bit of suspense, wrap the ring box inside a seemingly normal gift box so your significant other is definitely surprised when he or she sees diamonds after expecting pajamas.

Use the Snow

We may not all love snow, but it can definitely come in handy during a winter proposal. Carefully pop your question via writing it in the snow and place holiday lights around the message to add a bit of twinkle.

Actually Give Them Socks

Socks have become a running joke as a silly Christmas gift, but they could come in handy during a winter proposal. Whether you want to stuff a stocking with the ring box or roll the ring up in a fuzzy pair of socks, you’ll definitely make that garment your honey’s new favorite.

Go for the Classics

If you’re a more traditional kind of person, go for a tried and true winter proposal method. Get down on one knee once you’re done opening presents with the family or just before you kiss under the mistletoe. These are called “classics” for a reason, so they’re sure to create a memorable moment.


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