Congratulations! There’s a baby on the way! Before he or she arrives, there’s a party to be had! If you’re looking to save some money when throwing the baby shower – and you probably are –  these tips can help.

  • Invites: Skip the paper invitations altogether, and opt for an E-vite. There are plenty of online services that you can use, and you’ll feel great about saving money and trees. Plus, guests will love the convenience of being able to respond via email. Just make sure that you check-in with older guests, like Grandma Betty & Great-Aunt Sue, who may not be as tech-savvy, to ensure they’re aware of the party.
  • Decorations: If you plan on buying decorations, check online warehouse sites to buy in bulk and save money. Otherwise, make your own decorations with items from a crexpecting-baby-showeraft store. When it comes to balloons, go straight for latex. Dozens of bunches of single or double-colored latex balloons will make a bigger statement than a few mylar ones will. If you’re using flowers to decorate, skip the florist, and make your own arrangements with flowers from your local farmer’s market.
  • Food: The easiest way to save money when it comes to food for a baby shower is to cook it yourself. However, if you’re not the best chef around, employ the help of friends or family. If you really want the food catered, consider limiting the amount of larger main dishes, and go for tapas or appetizer-style foods instead. Create your own dessert bar in place of having a single cake. Find out who in attendance makes a mean macaroon or a delicious devil’s food cake, and have them help out.

Throwing a baby shower is a great way to start welcoming a new little guy or gal into the lives of you and those around you. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll probably get gifts to help you out with the baby.) Italian Center Banquets offers beautiful event spaces and delectable menus that are sure to please your guests and the little one that you’re eating double for. Our experienced event planners take care of all the details of your baby shower so you can focus on the bigger task- being a new Mama or Papa.

For more information about holding your baby shower at Italian Center Banquets, call us today at 203-322-6950.