When you can’t think of a good present for a special person in your life, nothing is better than getting all the people he or she loves together in one room. However, surprise-party-italian-center-banquets

Step One: Plan!

  • Decide where you will be having the surprise party itself. The best party venue is one that requires little attendance effort on the guest’s part. For example, dinner and drinks is much more feasible than bowling or karaoke.
  • Make sure your guest list is confirmed. Formally invite certain people, and specifically say that it is a surprise. Also, make sure your guest of honor is available. There’s no use planning this entire shindig if he or she can’t even make it.
  • Use your judgement in how much of a surprise you want to make the party. If you’re friend is very Type-A, a full-blown surprise may stress him or her out. If that’s the case, maybe drop a small hint that there is a surprise waiting at your dinner reservation.

Step Two: Shout Surprise!

  • Instruct your guests to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the guest of honor gets there. Those last-minute stragglers will ruin the surprise if they are caught sneaking in when the main guest walks in.
  • You know your friend best, so calculate how they will probably walk in. Are you going to show up with him or her? Is he or she the type to show up alone? Whatever the case, make sure all the attention is focused on the guest of honor so they feel the love in the room.

Step Three: Party!

  • Give your guests a role in documenting the party by providing disposable cameras so they can capture special, candid moments throughout the night. Develop the film later on, and share the photos with the guest of honor.
  • Save yourself the hassle of baking or ordering a messy cake and serve cupcakes instead. They’re portable and mess-free so guests can party all night long.
  • Always send out “thank you” notes to everyone who attended, thanking them on behalf of the guest of honor and yourself. Then, start planning the next surprise party!


Choosing a venue for a surprise party can be tricky. Italian Center Banquets offers stunning event spaces at affordable prices so you get the best value for the best location. For more information about our venue spaces, visit our website or call 203-322-6950.