Engagement parties are the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

  1. Black and White: For centuries, a black and white color scheme has been one of elegance. The sleek look of these colors is a perfect theme if you are looking to add a sense of glamor to your event. They are also very appropriate for winter or cold weather engagement parties.
  2. Valentine’s Day: If your fiancé popped the question during the earlier winter months, you have plenty of time to plan a Valentine’s Day engagement party. Decorate using plenty of reds and pinks, with sprinkles of hearts and flowers. This theme is the epitome of romance and is perfect for couples who consider themselves more on the “mushy” side.engagement-party-themes
  3. Wine Tasting: This theme is perfect for both large parties or smaller backyard gatherings. The wines can be tailored to the tastes of the bride or groom, or feature new varieties that you and your guests have yet to try (symbolic of the adventures to come for the happy couple). You can even try to feature wines from places you have traveled with your fiancé.
  4. Carnival: This theme is perfect for the couples who fancy themselves goofballs. Hang big announcement-type signs and playful decorations throughout the event space. A carnival themed engagement party will highlight how carefree and fun-loving you and your honey are. Plus, who wouldn’t love attending a party with a cotton candy machine?
  5. International: Did you and your honey happen to meet or become engaged while abroad? Maybe he or she is from another country. There’s no better way to celebrate the world bringing you two together than a theme featuring that place! Have your engagement party showcase decór and food from the culture that is responsible for your union.

When deciding a theme to use for your engagement party, just focus on what would encompass you and your fiancé as a couple. When deciding where to have the party, focus on the excellence offered by Italian Center Banquets. We are the premiere choice for your event in Stamford, CT.

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