If you look at any reality show or TV sitcom, it always seems like the bride is the only one who has a say in planning the wedding, while the groom passively sits by and agrees to whatever his fiancé wants. Thing is, a groom has a bigger role in wedding planning that those shows admit. Help your honey out by playing the right role in your wedding game plan.

Go for the Big Three

A common rule of thumb when it comes to wedding planning is that 80% of your costs will come from 20% of decisions. So make sure you help tackle the three biggest items on your checklist:

  • The Guest List: Do not just tell your fiancé, “that sounds good.” As the groom, hgroom-italian-center-banquetselp her decide who’s invited, who’s not, and how many people to invite from each side of your families. A good tip to get through this quickly and painlessly is to follow the “no kids, no coworkers, and no dates unless you know them” rule.
  • The Date: For your sake and that of your guests, don’t schedule your wedding during a hard holiday — Christmas, New Year’s, Fourth of July, etc. —  or during any big sports events— World Series, March Madness, or any football weekend. You probably know when those events are, so urge your honey to avoid them.
  • The Venue: Since this is your biggest cost, ask three main questions:
    • Can you bring your own alcohol?
    • Can you use your own caterer?
    • How do they handle parking?

Draft Your Players

Your fiancé is already busy picking her bridesmaids, so it’s up to you to pick the groomsmen. Think of it as a real-life fantasy football draft. Your best player — your best man — is first, then you pick your closest pals to make up the rest of the team. Always include your brother and hers, and try to have close to the same number of people that she does in her bridal party.

Have A Say in the Registry

If you let your fiancé have sole control over the registry, you’ll have plenty of teacups, gravy boats, and hand towels around your home. While she might want to register at traditional stores like Pottery Barn and Macy’s, try asking for funds to go toward your honeymoon or registering on Amazon.com, so you can ask for literally anything.

When you’re looking for venues, consider having an outdoor wedding at Italian Center Banquets. We can spaciously accommodate 100 to 1,500 guests to make your outdoor event truly one-of-a-kind. For more information, call 203-322-6950.