Picnics are the perfect way to gather friends and create memories. Now that the warmer weather is rolling in, there’s no better way to enjoy spring than by organizing a picnic. But you may be wondering where to go, what to pack, and how to prepare, in general. Make sure you’re ready for your perfect picnic with these tips.

Pick the Right Spot

For the quintessential picnic, you’ll want to pick a location with lush greenery and nice view. Try to get a spot under some trees, so you’ll have some refuge from the sun if it gets too hot. Pro Tip: While it may seem nice to sit by a body of water, you might have to deal with gnats and other insects who call that spot home.

Pack Right

A wicker basket paints a pretty picture, but it isn’t always a practical way to transport your goodies. Use coolers and tote bags to carry perfect-picnic-italian-center-banquetsyour picnic treats instead. It’s also a good idea to put food in mason jars, so they are sealed tightly away and don’t risk leaking from Tupperware.

Bring a Good Blanket

Aim to bring a blanket that is comfy but also easily washable in case you get grass stains, dirt, or spills on it. If you still want the traditional picnic vibe, look for durable blankets with a gingham pattern.

Save Yourself from the Sun

If you can’t find a spot under a tree to set up camp, make sure to bring along other sun-blocking options. Umbrellas usually do the trick and are easy to set up, while tents are a good way to shade a larger group.

Grab Some Games

While eating is the main activity of a picnic, there’s no reason it has to be the only one. Pack some outdoor games and activities that are great for the whole group. Horseshoes, croquet, and CanJam are all great options!

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