Every May, thousands upon thousands of students graduate from high school, college, doctoral programs, and more. If you’re getting ready to celebrate a special graduate in your life, then you know how hard your student worked and how much they deserve to be praised. However, sometimes you can’t always afford to throw them a soiree that rivals the Met Gala. Not to worry!

In fact, there are plenty of ways to throw a graduation party on a budget, while giving your graduate the praise they rightfully deserve!

Keep the Guest List Small

This one is typically a no-brainer: the more guests you invite, the more mouths you’ll have to feed — which means you’ll need to purchase more food, too. To eliminate this from happening, keep your guest list on the smaller side. When creating your guest list, start by just inviting family and close friends. If you happen to find some more room, then you can continue to add more names — but always keep in mind that your graduate can also celebrate with their soccer team or sorority sisters another time.

Bring Your Own Alcohol

If your venue allows you to bring your own liquor, do it! You can save a ton of money by buying booze in bulk and bringing it yourself, versus paying a fee per person to drink at the party.

On the other hand, if you’re throwing a graduation party for a high schooler,  and most of the guests will be underage — excluding a few adult family members — skip the booze and avoid paying for alcohol altogether.

Be Smart About the Location

While you could save some money hosting the graduation party at home, you’ll then have to spend money on other items such as chairs, tables, and tents to accommodate your guests as well as catered food in case you’re not looking to cook for a large number of people. Holding your party at a catering hall can actually help cut down on other miscellaneous costs.

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