Here’s hoping that the April showers finally end, and we’re left with nothing but May flowers adorning our neighborhoods. Once the sun is shining, pick a day, throw a garden party, and use these fun ideas to welcome spring with open arms.

Pile on the Pastels

When planning a this event, start with the color scheme. The traditional garden party will be filled with light pinks, yellows, blues, and greens. From the decorations and food to the outfits people show up in, set the tone for the afternoon by surrounding yourself and your guests in pretty

Fill the Space with Flora

If there’s a way you can incorporate flowers, do it. Create centerpieces with spring cuts, use place cards with flower patterns, and add some flora and fauna to painted tool boxes for a rustic touch. You can even theme each table to be a certain flower and use that flower as the place card itself.

Fit the Food within the Theme

Everyone knows that food can make or break an event, so make yours fit the theme, and add to the fun. Finger sandwiches, sweet tea, and fruit dishes are all great garden party foods, and you can even give dessert a special flair by having cupcakes decorated as flowers — roses, daisies, the choices are endless.

Send Guests Off with Sweet Surprise

Whether you set up a station where guests can create their own potted plants, or you send them home with a bag full of delicious goodies, make sure you offer a spring-themed favor that your guests will never forget.

A great garden party starts with a great setting. Italian Center Banquets offers lush picnic grounds that are perfect for all your springtime events. With tented areas, an in-ground pool, and plenty of sports fields, there’s something for the whole family. For more information, call us at 203-322-6950.