Your wedding is often one of the best and most entertaining nights of your life — so it’s no surprise that, when the DJ plays the last song and the lights start going on, you’d want to keep the party going. If you want to host one, there are a few things that go into throwing the perfect wedding after-party.

Have a Designated Location

It’s best to decide on and have an exact location you’re going to head to after the party — a restaurant next door to your venue, the bar of the hotel you’re staying at. This way, you’re not scrambling to try and get everyone together in the last minutes of your wedding reception. When you have a pre-planned destination, everyone knows and can make their way there as they please.

Provide Safe Transportation

This isn’t really necessary if you’re just heading downstairs to the hotel bar, but if your after-party is farther than walking distance, make sure you have safe, reliable transportation to and from that spot for your guests. Whether that means keeping a limo or party bus on call for another hour or two or calling a bunch of cabs for everyone, a safe ride is a must.

Have Food Available

Even though they ate at your reception, after several hours of an open bar and dancing, your guests are going to be hungry again. Make sure there’s something for your guests to nosh on at the after-party. You don’t have to arrange for a full meal though — some finger foods will do just fine.

Relax and Have Fun

Sure, you had to make sure to mingle with guests and keep yourself composed in your gown during your wedding, but the after-party is where you can let loose. Change in comfier clothes and take a breather — your after-party doesn’t need to be anything fancy, so you can just focus on having fun during the last leg of your big day.

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